1 diciembre, 2019

New scientific publication: A cross-scale worldwide analysis of coastal adaptation planning

There is a new publication by the CLIC team:
Olazabal, M., Ruiz de Gopegui, M., Tompkins, E.L., Venner, K., Smith, R., 2019. A cross-scale worldwide analysis of coastal adaptation planning. Environ. Res. Lett. 14, 124056.
In this paper (free access here), we show the current state-of-the-art in public adaptation planning affecting 136 of the largest coastal port urban agglomerations, covering 68 countries. We identify 226 adaptation policies: 88 at national level, 57 at regional/state level and 81 at city/metropolitan level. This set of adaptation policies can be considered the latest, most up-to-date database of governmental and public-led adaptations. Our analyses show that (1) in one half of cases, there is no evidence of policy implementation, (2) in almost 85% of cases, planned adaptation actions are not driven by present or future climatic impacts or risks, and (3) formal adaptation planning is relatively recent and is concentrated in more developed areas and countries.

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About Marta Olazabal
Marta Olazabal, BC3 senior researcher, specialises in urban sustainability, resilience and climate change governance. She has been part of the BC3 team since 2012.

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