28 diciembre, 2018

CLIC in 2 min and 30 sec

On November 22nd and 23rd, 16 AXA grantees pitched their projects to the AXA Research Fund scientific committee and to AXA partners. It was an amazing experience for everyone, including AXA RF team! Here we present the 2 min and 30 sec video about the research project CLIC pitched by Marta Olazabal, AXA grantee and project lead. Building the message, the pitch content, learning about body language and practicing with the micro took almost 2 hard-working days. The night of the 22nd, the pitch was presented to the AXA RF scientific committee, and the 23rd in the morning, to AXA partners.

Thank you everyone for their feedback!

Enjoy the video!

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About Marta Olazabal
Marta Olazabal, BC3 senior researcher, specialises in urban sustainability, resilience and climate change governance. She has been part of the BC3 team since 2012.

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